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Latin American Jesuits and MAGIS
01/01/2012 - This past May, Abel Toraño, the director for Magis 2011, traveled to Brazil to a...

Work Days in Portugal
01/01/2012 - From the 12th to the 21st of this past July, part of the coordinating team of Ma...

Thank You!
23/08/2011 - You can still hear echoes of the voices of the 3,000 pilgrims in the corridors o...
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This photos are taking by pilgrims. You can use them quoting MAGIS for high resolution please ask them to photos@magis2011.org

MAGIS2011 Exhibition
A selection of the best photos taken at MAGIS2011
Cuatro Vientos
The Prayer Vigil and Mass with the Holy Father
More photos from WYD
A selection of photos showing some of the activities at WYD

WYD2011 – First Day
MAGIS pilgrims at WYD
A showcase of the greatest MAGIS2011 moments from the activities in Loyola and the week of experiences
Mass of the Assumption - Final Mass as MAGIS
Final MAGIS Mass at Nuestra Señora del Recuerdo School presided at by the Provincial of Spain

Arrival in Madrid
The arrival of pilgrims in Madrid marks the end of MAGIS and the beginning of WYD
Final days of the Experiences
The photos you took of the final days of your Experiences
MAGIS Madrid is ready for you
MAGIS Madrid is ready to welcome pilgrims

Day Five of Experiences
Photos from the fifth day of experiences
Day Fourth of Experiences
Photos from the fourth day of experiences
Pilgrims in Cordoba
Images from the experiences in Cordoba, Spain

Day Three of Experiences
Photos from the third day of experiences
Twitter Pics
A space where we will upload some of the photos that you post to Twitter. Remember to use #magis2011 if you want us to follow your tweets.
Eco-farming in Valladolid, Spain
Experiencing God through eco-farming

Day Two of Experiences
Photos from the second day of experiences
Day One of Experiences
Photos from the first day of experiences
Time to leave Loyola…
Pilgrims leave Loyola and make the journey to their MAGIS experience. Remember to send us pics of your experience to photos@magis2011.org and we will upload them to Flickr.

Fr General meets young people
Fr General meets young people
MAGIS Mass with Fr General
Mass with the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Adolfo Nicolás, to send pilgrims on their MAGIS experiences... see you all again when we meet in a week in Madrid - live out your experiences deeply!
MAGIS Liturgies
Some moments of prayer and reflection at MAGIS2011

Your pictures
This album contains the photos that we receive from you
Fr. General @ MAGIS2011
Adolfo Nicolás, the General of the Society of Jesus, arrives at MAGIS2011 and joins us for the first day's activities
MAGIS Workshops, Fair and more…
A sample of events that took place on the first full day at MAGIS2011

MAGIS2011 Opening Ceremony
photos from the MAGIS20011 Opening Ceremony. It was a spectacle of light, dance, smoke and fire; a duel between good and evil... relive some of the most captivating moments now!
MAGIS photocall
photographs of pilgrims as they arrived at MAGIS2011
MAGIS photocall
pilgrims taking pictures in the MAGIS photocall

MAGIS2011 pilgrims traveling
MAGIS2011 participants are traveling to Loyola from all over the world
MAGIS2011 preparation days
in the days before MAGIS begins, teams of volunteers are working hard
MAGIS2011 final preparation day - 05 August 2011
the final preparations before the arrival of MAGIS2011 participants

MAGIS2011 flashmob - 04 August 2011
the MAGIS volunteers and crowd were surprised after Mass when some people started a dance in the square
MAGIS Preparation Days - 04 August 2011
A collection of photos highlighting some of the people involved in preparing MAGiS 2011.
MAGiS2011 Preparation Days - 03 August 2011
A collection of photos from the MAGiS 2011 experience taken during the first team preparation day (3 August 2011).

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