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    Thank You!
    23/08/2011 - You can still hear echoes of the voices of the 3,000 pilgrims in the corridors of El Recuerdo school; volunteers are finishing off the cleaning and tidying of the place. In a few days time, everything will be back to normal, although something unbelievable has happened here… but the transition is not easy!
    How do you turn the page after an experience like MAGIS? MAGIS has been the result of more than 2 years of work by the board of coordinators and the group leaders from every country, with the additional support of more than 500 people in recent months, more than 30 companies and hundreds of individual donors. More than 15 religious institutions together with the Society of Jesus have gone for broke to make MAGIS 2011 possible.

    I hope this experience will enlighten our process of personal discernment, and our individual and communal searching for those things that bring us closer to God. I would like MAGIS 2011 to contribute new tools to allow us to work internationally and to make us dream with global pastoral platforms, with new ways of building up the Kingdom and being open to new, inclusive and universal approaches. I hope everyone has encountered Christ in this amazing adventure we have lived together and that we have understood our place in this plural and diverse Church by listening to and engaging in dialogue with others, by enrooting and consolidating our faith in Jesus, who is calling us and sending us forth into the World.

    That is how MAGIS finishes, as we join ourselves to the sending forth of Benedict XVI at the end of the Mass in Cuatro Vientos. May our hearts still be on fire after this intense experience of shared faith so that we may reflect on what we lived through in these days. May our following of Jesus continue to mature so it may become more real and radical. Be happy on your way back to your local realities! Let’s communicate our joy to our communities and fellows! See you in Rio de Janeiro, in only two years’ time!

    Abel Toraño, SJ
    General Coordinator MAGIS 2011
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